Disposal Authority
Agency Code:     Enter the four letter Archives New Zealand Agency code to find all Disposal Authorities associated with that Agency. If you do not know the code, you can use the ’Find Agency Code’ button.  e.g. ‘ARNZ’    Find the correct Archway Agency code by searching the titles of Agencies.
DA Number:    e.g. ‘DA1’
Keywords:   Enter free text to run a search across the following fields: responsible Agency name, covered Agencies names, Disposal Authority general description, discharged records and their conditions.

If you choose to enter more than one word, you can specify whether the words appear singly or in combination using the radio buttons below: exact phrase — words exactly as entered; any words — any of the words entered; all words — all of the words, but not necessarily as entered.
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DA Type:    
GDA Type:  
DA Status:   Current A disposal authority valid for use

Expired A disposal authority that is no longer valid for use

Revoked A disposal authority that has been cancelled and is no longer valid for use

Replaced A disposal authority that has been cancelled by another disposal authority and is no longer valid for use
Date Approved:     to    e.g. ‘31/12/2006’
Expiry Date:     to    e.g. ‘31/12/2006’
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TOTAL: 706 disposal authorities in Archway