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  Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer   (CAWS)
1916 - 2003


Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer, began life as a returned services hospital for World War I veterans. Although this function continued to cover WWII, post War it increasingly focussed on treating mental health, particularly alcohol and drug addiction. As part of the continuing health restructuring of the 1990s, and after several iterations, it became a private institution. It closed in 2003.


Location : Hanmer Springs, Canterbury


  • Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Act 1966
  • Area Health Boards Act 1983
  • Health Act 1920
  • Health Act 1956
  • Health Amendment Act 1982
  • Health and Disability Services Act 1993
  • Health Service Personnel Act 1983
  • Hospitals Act 1957
  • Hospitals and Charitable Institutions Act 1926
  • Mental Defectives Act 1911
  • Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992
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